out under the stars in asheville invites you to take
a glimpse at some guestbook entries ...
We had the best girls weekend ever here at
tipi camp! Thank you so much for your
hospitality, stories, sharing and morning
coffee. You have helped make our trip truly
one to remember! Be sure to roast
starbursts now and then while thinking of us :)
M and S from North Carolina
Thank you so much for being
so kind and helpful to us
during our stay in Asheville!
We enjoyed Tipi Camp a lot!
Especially Lucille and hanging
out by the fire. Have a great
B and M  from Indiana
We survived your coldest night since
you opened,
31 degrees, and we were
fine in your t.p. We're glad you enjoyed
the telescope and Jupiter. You've been
kind & cool which made our stay very
non-corporate, just the way Asheville
likes it. Thanks again.
M and V from NYC
lani and Jay - This has been a wonderful
camping experience for me, and thank you for
all you did to make my stay comfortable and
fun! I enjoyed our talks around the campfire and
wish I could stay longer! I will always remember
this beautiful place when I hear about tipis!
Blessings on this place and love to you both.
B from Kentucky
Lani and Jay,
Thank you both so much for the
hospitality! We really enjoyed our
anniversary getaway here in
Asheville. You, Lucille, and the
Tipi Camp won't soon be forgotten!
Thanks again, L and A
Lani and Jay,
What a beautiful weekend! Even when it rained we enjoyed
ourselves. We leave Asheville feeling refreshed from the
mountain air and inspired by all the beauty we
experienced. Your hospitality and creativity with Tipi Camp
made it such a fun and unique trip for us. We hope to
return soon.
Love, L and M
P.S. Let it be known that our tipi
stayed dry during the rain!
Thank you for going out of your
way to make our stay so
pleasant. You two have a way of
making strangers feel like family.
We had the best time in Asheville
and that had a lot to do with you
and your tipi camp Thanks again
for the fun experience!
A and M from Georgia
campfires by night...
"There is something very
peaceful about staring into a
campfire, and swapping stories
with people.  It was a terrific way
to end the day."
Thanks so much. Lovely,
affordable, clean
accommodations and
great hosts. Loved our visit.
M and B from Virginia
Thanks so much for having
us this weekend. Love, Love
Asheville and it was great
coming back to such a
wonderful place after a long
day of exploring. If only I
had a Lucille of my own!
Thanks again, much.
D and S
Thanks so much for letting us stay at your tipi camp.
Asheville is beautiful and we've  had such a nice stay. You
all have been such great hosts. We hope to see you again!
K and B
Thank you so much for a wonderful
two nights in Asheville! We're so
glad we found your camp and we will
definitely be back! Wish we could
have spent more time getting to
know the two of you... hopefully
next time! Everything was perfect!
P.S. We loved Lucille :)
M and S
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...the one so fondly
We love our wonderful guests and  we're
having a funtastic time hosting this camp!
Campers are the kindest, most friendly,
and happy people ever...
Come help us create more great camping
experiences this season!
lani and jay linkotter
out under the stars camp hosts
Lani Jay
We have had a wonderful time, didn't think it could
get any better, until I went to brush my teeth and
was welcomed with a big colourful smiley face!!!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you - to a very
special couple.
Lynda and Brian.
Thank you so much for
being wondeful hosts
and wonderful people!
I will definately visit
again! A. 8/13
Thank you so much for
welcoming us into your
world. We spent our first
vacation alone ever in
your screened room. We
had rain for two days with
no leaks! We will be back...
K. and D. 7/13
WOW - wonderful -
outstanding - warm..
Great Karma. We
slept in He He He No
Kids. Will return for
sure:) if just to have a
fire.                6/2013
Lani and Jay
You guys are awesome! Such
an amazing experience!The
cloth cabin was a spectacular
getaway. We were not able to
keep the fire going, but we
laughed and enjoyed trying to
restart it! Thank you
J and S 6/13
Lani and Jay,
Thank you so much for the wonderfully simple and
beautiful setup. We loved the tent, and the gameroom and
particularly the nightly fires. We were able to spend the
money we saved supporting local artists instead of on HBO
at a cheap motel. Thank you for that and thank you for
your wonderful hospitality.
K and D from South Carolina
Lani & Jay,
Thank you so much for your genuine hospitality! Looking
for the perfect place to take a break from the rest of the
world, we found it at Tipi Camp. Out of the way, but not too
far, quiet and peaceful, with a hot shower & coffee, what
more could we ask for.
A & A                                                                 10/2012
Jay + Lani,
I thoroughly enjoyed my time here.
Thanks for all the help with the fire
and of course the parking deck magic.
The camp is a perfect getaway and so
close to Asheville that I look forward
to coming back one day.
  J.              5/2013                        
Lani and Jay,
Thank you so much for welcoming us into your world.  We
spent our first vacation alone ever in your screen lodge.  
We had rain for two days with no leaks!  The Asheville
fireworks were beautiful, even in the rain. We will be back...
K and D        Independance Day 2013                      
What a wonderful place!
T and R               8/2013
Dear Jay and Lani:
We had a wonderful night in our luxurious tent.
What a great way to enjoy nature and still have
creature comforts. Thanks much,
A and A                                    8/2013
Lani and Jay,
I'm so happy to have discovered tipi camp. I
enjoyed my nights here at this lovely,
hospitable place you've created.
I hope to come back soon.
M                                            9/2013
Dear Jay and Lani,
This was such a wonderful
adventure! We loved our
screened in lodge. Every
little touch to this place is
so unique. Thank you for
letting us enjoy the tipi
camp and we hope to see
you again!
A and M                 9/2013   
Thanks so much! Great place!
C and B                        10/2013
This place is a true
treasure. Thank you for
opening your home as a
place for budget travelers
and adventurers alike to
rest and feel so safe and
secure. I'm so glad we
found you!
K and M               7/2013