out under the stars in asheville

With the growing popularity of the automobile in the early 1900's
people set out on the roadways of rural America just to  enjoy the
ride and to visit different places of interest along the way.   Tourist
Camps, hosted by friendly folks, popped up on private properties
all along the back roads in between towns as an inexpensive and
private  alternative to hotel  stays.  Beds, sheets, towels, showers
and toilets were offered to the Tourist Camp guests. The Tourist
Camp was  a simple, yet delightful, place to lay your head at night
after an evening in town, or a frolic up into the mountains.

out under the stars in asheville is modeled after those Tourist
Camps from days gone by.  Since opening in 2009 we have
enjoyed the company of travelers from all across the U.S. as well as
Germany, Ireland, France, England  and Australia !

...and we look forward to meeting you,
Jay and Lani Linkotter, your camp hosts
a very brief history of the Tourist Camp
in the United States  
tipi camp asheville
is  now
out under the stars
in asheville
Our Tourist Camp was established in 2009.
Here's what some guests have said:
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North Carolina Merry Mountain  Travelers

After a great day riding, biking, hiking,
tubing, swimming, picnicking, kayaking,
zip lining, exploring Asheville or
just gazing in the mountains
come back to relax,
in your own cottage
out under the stars...
out under the stars
in asheville

a great hotel alternative
while vacationing
in the mountains!
We have no more available lodging for this season.
e would like to thank you for your interest in
our camp and we hope to meet you in 2017!