tipi camp asheville
9 mountainview road
asheville, nc 28806
reservations required
tipi view
tipi camp angel
North Carolina Mountain Motorcycle Tours
campfires by night
tipi camp asheville
just minutes to the Blue Ridge Parkway
and less than 7 miles to Downtown Asheville!
screen lodge in the woods
click for pix of

our classic 1966 airstream trailer
turned bathhouse!
Now this is camping ... tent's all set up ~
 all you need to do is go PLAY!
a great hotel alternative!
a place for your
peaceful meditation

Tourist Camp with a Twist!

beds, sheets, blankets, pillows, towels
and morning coffee all included !
Like to camp? Don't want to carry
and set up all that camp stuff before
you can go out and play
tipi camp has a lodge for you
and it's ready when you arrive!
asheville's first
open air "hotel room"!
please note:
all tipi camp
guests must
have had their
21st birthday !  
(not necessary   
to remember it)
camp opens
May 1st !